Information Migration

Information Migration
Information Migration

Information migration is required as systems change over time. This results in organisations needing to carry out information migration from one system to another, often at huge cost and effort.

Whether you are migrating information to a new system or upgrading an old one, you need to move the information within it – including all the metadata that has been built up over time and has a high business value. For many organisations, this can often be quite a daunting and complex task to undertake alone. Metataxis can help you do this the right way, reducing risks, managing complexity, controlling costs and timescales, and minimising downtime.

Our information migration solution

Planning and successfully delivering information migration projects not only requires technical expertise, but also a fundamental understanding of the information itself. Metataxis consultants have advised on, managed and delivered many migration projects. Our approach is based on practical experience, and uses a toolkit of manual and automatic tools to deliver a successful information migration project. 

What we can deliver

  • Information migration strategy and approach
  • Data export, processing and analysis tooling
  • Configured COTS tooling, if needed
  • Source to target data mapping outputs
  • Migration procedures and processes
  • Ad hoc data manipulation techniques
  • User guidance and quality assurance
  • Manual processing, if needed

The outcome

With our support, you will have an information migration project that is accurate, cost effective and delivers business value, with the minimum of user disruption and system complications. Your information migration will be successful technically, and more importantly it will work with your current processes and people.

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