Meg Shallcrass

Meg Shallcrass

Consultant, Archive Expert and Dancing Queen

Meg Shallcrass is one of our consultants here at Metataxis.

Meg is a consultant with experience in libraries and archives, commercial planning and data analysis. Meg has excellent communication skills and stakeholder management and engagement techniques and has worked on large-scale projects collaborating with international stakeholders at all levels to provide well-rounded solutions. Meg has a talent for making technical matters accessible to a wide range of audiences, in particular she has much experience providing guidance on Microsoft 365 functionality both within SharePoint and the Security and Compliance Center.

Meg has recently worked on several Microsoft 365 and Teams-specific implementation projects including the development and implementation of retention in Microsoft 365. She has an excellent understanding of the decisions and requirements needed for a successful Microsoft 365 implementation and provides valuable guidance to clients working through decision-making processes.

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