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This new episode discusses the Records and Information Management issues faced by many organisations.

You can listen to the Metataxis team in New Zealand, Judi Vernau and Michael Upton, along with their guest, Karl Melrose (Leadership Through Data), and hear them discuss the future of information management and how you can raise the value of information management and increase the visibility of records management in the workplace.

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You can also check out their other podcasts where they discuss topics in information management practice that are relevant for today and the future.

The team also invite other industry insiders to talk about what they’re doing, and how their practice is changing.

Watch our entire Information Revolution podcast series today and discover more about the latest trends and best practices around information management, information architecture, data retention and more.  issues

20 years ago today, part 9: Wearable tech and the death of the office

This post is a continuation of a series of reminiscences and predictions on all things
information management, to celebrate 20 years of Metataxis.

Using personal, wearable devices to access information will be common and for newer generations the norm. We will still have PCs but with the (partial) death of the office comes the (partial) death of the standard desk and monitor. For some tasks the traditional desk/screen will remain. After all, many people still user paper…